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How do I use Mancer?
Mancer does not provide an interface!

You need to have another application that can interact with Mancer's API. You can write one yourself according to our documentation, or use an existing project like SillyTavern. Other LLM applications that support OpenAI may also support Mancer, simply by swapping their URL with ours.

Mancer does not provide an interface, so make sure you have a way to use Mancer before spending money! We offer free models, use them to test before making a purchase.
What do I get when I purchase a pack?
Credits! After purchase, your account gets the credits in the pack.

Credits are spent to complete requests to Mancer's LLMs. How much each request costs depends on the model and the amount of text involved. Some models are free, while most have a 'per token' credit cost. You can view the token count and credit cost of recent queries on your dashboard (requires login).
What's a token?
LLMs comprehend text in terms of word fragments called 'tokens', which makes it a natural unit of measurement. You can't input or output a fraction of a token, and most parameters operate on a per-token basis.

API responses include token counts for both your prompt and the model's output, alongside the corresponding number of credits used.
Why credits, instead of 'tokens' directly?
Because we offer a lot of models, which cover a broad range of sizes. There's over an order of magnitude difference between our smallest and largest model costs.

The best we could do is have some models cost 'multiple tokens per token', which is just linguistic chaos.
How do I get a refund?
Send an email to [Enable Javascript to show address] requesting a refund, specifying which purchase(s) you wish to refund. Make sure to use the same email you created your account with; otherwise we will need to get confirmation using that address! You can view a list of all purchases you have made on the billing page (requires login).

If you have used less than 300,000 credits from a pack, you can get it completely refunded with no questions asked. Above that, refunds will be decided on a case-by-case basis. It can't hurt to ask.

A successful pack refund will remove the corresponding credits from your account, which may put your total into the negative. You can still use free models with a negative credit count.
How do I delete my account?
Send an email to [Enable Javascript to show address] requesting your account be deleted. After confirming your intent, (especially if you have unspent credits) your account will be deleted.
Do you offer subscriptions?
Yes, but currently only to business users. Contact support at [Enable Javascript to show address] to request a business account, which features things like multiple API keys and per-request logging control.

A business account lets you sign up for automatic usage billing. Once a week, you would be automatically charged for the credits used up to that point. You can cancel this at any time from the billing page, but be aware that you will still be charged for any credits consumed since the last invoice.
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